Knit-a-long Hoodie Project

My two friends decided to have a knit-a-long/competition where they both would knit the same hoodie. When they showed me the hoodie they were planing on making I couldn’t resist joining them in their knit-a-long. These are the images that got me interested in the project. Doesn’t it look cosy and cool at the same time?

Image of a hoodie
Images from Sandnes garn
Image of a hoodie

The pattern comes from Sandnes garn in the book 1513 DIY and it’s a pretty easy pattern with a regular stockinette stitch, but you’ll have the wrong side out in the end.They recommend using Sandnes yarn “Easy” but I decided to go for DROPS garnstudio’s Eskimo yarn instead since they offer a wider range of colours. I chose the colour “Saphire” which is pictured below. I got both the yarn and a Knit Pro set as a Christmas gift (that I opened early in order to finish this shirt by Christmas) from my beloved P. I’m gonna do a review on those when I have been using more of the sizes.


Knitting is in progress now and I’ll do a post with the finished shirt. I guess it’ll be a review of both the pattern (which is in norwegian) and the yarn (which is so soft and wonderful!). My goal is to finish before Christmas so I can wear it on my vacation (it will be the only warm shirt I’ll bring).



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  1. I would lose hard! I’m still puttering along in that scarf you started me on..

    The pattern looks great! I can’t wait to see yours!

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