Snow Like Ashes

In my previous post “Vacation reading” I presented seven books I brought with me on my vacation. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch is one of the four books I finished during the vacation. I must say I didn’t realize how tricky it is to read an e-book in such a sunny climate (but perfect on an airplane) so this was the only e-book I read.


Snow Like Ashes book cover

Snow Like Ashes was a new fantasy book I had been looking forward to reading for a long time and I devoured at least 60 % of the book in my first sitting on the airplane on our way to the vacation spot. I love books that have maps, which this one did. The only negative thing about reading an e-book is that you miss the details in the maps. I’m still befriending my Kindle app and I did find a way in which I could view the map a little bit bigger without going back to the beginning of the book. That made me really happy because the map is there for a purpose, to look at.

We got to follow Meira and her fellow Winterians who struggle for their survival and their kingdom. This book is full of action, politics, struggling for survival, sword fights and of course love as well. It was a good book and an easy read. I enjoyed it a lot and I like the concept of the countries in this world. It felt refreshing and new to me.

However, the first 60 % of the book was the most fun to read. I did enjoy the last 40 % as well but not as much. I lost some interest in the book when the magic and dreams came into play. I guess I wasn’t overly fond of how it was introduced and it also bothered me how easy it was for Meira to accept it all. I, as a reader, didn’t full heartedly accept it.  That’s a side note because the books was very enjoyable and I’d like to read Ice Like Fire as well. I’d recommend this book!


design-2I often want my books to have a good looking cover and for new books like this one, a good cover really matters to me as for me reading it or not. Well of course the plot summary usually have to be good as well, but a good cover often makes me read it sooner.

The cover design for Snow Like Fire is great! It’s enticing to read and after reading the book I totally get the cover and what it implies. I like the details in the cover as well and it’s a great design all over I think. I also love the font used. I’m a sucker for classic fonts with serifs. Great use of black and white text as well!

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