Wool to spin


For Christmas my mother bought me these wonderful braids of wool. When you unravel the braid you use the wool for spinning you own yarn. These three lovely braids is bought from Forsbacka ull. My first drop spindle and the first wool braid I ever bought was from Forsbacka ull, and I’m so glad for this gift. I can’t wait to start spinning these lovely braids into soft and colourful yarn.



I really like this blue, orange mix is lovely and it even has some brown/purple spots as well where the orange and blue comes together. It’s Corridale wool and I’m very excited to try this one since I haven’t tried Corridale before.



This braid has a amazing colour! The colours are really as vibrant in reality as they are in the photo. This will be a great firey yarn when spun. It’s a superwash merio wool which I know gives a nice and soft yarn.



And lastly we have this soft and silky Wensleydale wool. The green and turquoise is lovely and really makes the wool shine. I’ve never spun Wensleydale wool before and I’m really looking forward to it. The wool is so shiny and I’m wondering how lovely the finished yarn will be.

I’ll post an update when I’ve spun these yarns!

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