Illusionarium by Heather Dixon


This was a very refreshing book I must say. Jonathan, the main character lives in the kingdom of Arthurise and when a mysterious illness, the Venen,  takes hold and spreads to most women (including his mother and sister) he gets tangled up in a world of illusions in search for the cure. Jonathan travels to the parallel world and kingdom of Nod’ol where he is promised the antitoxin to the Venen if he only participated in a illusionarium contest…

This book was great. First off we have a male lead character in a steam punk/historical setting. The story takes a lot of twists and turns and it’s really a good adventure book. I liked the fact that it was an adventure book and not a romance, at least not for the main character. I really liked his friend but not friend, Lockwood  for his comic relief and his brave actions. I also liked Queen Honoria in all her craziness. Heather Dixon does not lack fantasy and ideas that’s for sure. This is a fun read!



One of the reasons I bought the book was because of the cover. The pretty clothing, the city standing in the mist, and the nicely done border with a steam punk feel, made me have no hesitation on buying this book. It’s a nice cover that appeals to me. The cover for this book really could have looked a lot different depending on which way you want to go with it (the book really has so many cool things and scenes in it). But I like this as it doesn’t reveal all too much about the book.


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