The Selection by Kiera Cass


The Selection series by Kiera Cass will be published by B.Wahlströms  in Sweden this spring. April 27th is the date when this book will be available. I read this series in 2014 when only the three first books were published. I devoured them easily because it was just the kind of fun, light-hearted, romance, castle, drama that I like.

Interestingly they haven’t translated the title of the book, but rather added a subtitle to it “The Ceremony”. I guess that’s a smart choice because it’s a concept they can apply to all the other books in this series as well. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reread this book in Swedish!

This cover uses the same image and font as the original cover, but it is a lot darker. I like this version because even though the books has a lot of pretty dresses, there’s also other things happening in this dystopian/fantasy world and I think this gets through in this cover. I think for a Swedish audience this might be more appealing too (we do like our dark thrillers and murder mysteries).


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