Det är något som inte stämmer by Martina Haag

In my book circle we take turns in choosing books to read. This book I would probably never had read if it wasn’t for this book circle. It’s a contemporary novel about a woman who deals with the aftermath of her divorce. That premise is not something I’d chose to read on my own and that’s what I like about our book circle. We have different taste in books and it makes me read books I would not choose myself but that I most often end up liking.b-the1okk

Det är något som inte stämmer

Det är något som inte stämmer by Martina Haag is a book I would really recommend. Yes, it deals with a divorce and it’s not a happy-go-lucky book, but Martina really does a great job of portraying the emotional struggle . You really can’t put the book down until you know how it ends.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I am glad though that I wasn’t aware of the fact that it’s a book about her own marriage, because both her and her ex husband (and the mistress) are famous in Sweden. I could read this book  without connecting their faces to the people in the book. I know my experience would have been different if I knew it was based on her own life and the people in it. Then I would only have pictured these people and most likely get upset when I read it.

I think it’s a well written book and I really liked the parts in the mountain cottage. They were a good complement to the story about how she found out that things weren’t as she thought they were.


This book has a very simple layout and once you’ve read the book you understand where the red and black pattern represents. But other than that I don’t have a lot to say about this cover. It stands out in the book stores because of its simple yet strong layout.


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