Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight is Cassandra Clare’s latest book in her urban fantasy world of Shadowhunters.

ladymidnightI’ve loved all of the previous books about the shadowhunter world, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, and so I was really excited when this book was released. I have to say though, I was mighty disappointed in “The City of Heavenly Fire”, a book in which Cassandra spent a good portion setting up Lady Midnight. Instead of the climax you wanted with Clary and the rest, she added chapters from Emma’s point of view. I mean I understand she wants to create a setting for the next book, but in my opinion that was unnecessary. On to my review for Lady Midnight!

I’ll skip doing a summary, you can read about it here instead, and I’ll go straight to what I think about the book. This post has some spoilers to the plot..


First off, it’s so much fun being back in the shadowhunter world! Cassandra Clare’s books are easy to read and not hard to follow. I like how she has not only one person’s point of view but several, depending on what is needed for the story, Emma, Julian, Mark, Christina and even Ty at some point.The story itself was completely fine. I have some things I didn’t like, but they’re things I know I’ll probably find out in the coming books. Basically I was left with too many question marks. But that aside I really liked it. It was entertaining and it was fun to know more about the fairies and about Mark. I’m quite excited for the next book.

Emma and Julian’s relationship is a core part of the story and I liked most of it. They’re parabatai but they fall in love, which is something they can’t according to the law. Why is never explained and both Emma and Julian want to find out why. I liked their dynamic and who doesn’t like forbidden love?

I liked the side characters of Christina and Diego. They added a fun flare to it. Oh, and Mark and Kieran! Basically this book is filled with love and romance drama, as well as demon fighting and murder solving. A Good combo!

This is a new series and I am sure you could enjoy it even if you haven’t read any of the other books (but of course I recommend you to read those as well to give a greater understanding to the shadowhunter world).


The cover art for this book is so pretty! The floating lady in the water holding the sword has a nice type of aesthetics to it, a dreamy feeling. I love how the rays of sunlight have the outline of decorated towers of maybe a church. It’s more prominent if you hold the book upside down. It’s a very nice touch in the design, making it more delicate and not just plain and simple.


This fanart picture of the main character Emma Carstais is made by Kim G Design. Later today I’ll post an interview with her about her work as a cover designer.

Fan art of Emma Carstairs by Kim G Design


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