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I bought the book Girl Online by Zoe Zugg on the book sale in February. I had never heard about it before but the synopsis appealed to me as an easy chick-lit book. When I added it to my goodreads I found our that Zoe apparently is a famous blogger or youtuber and that Girl Online is her first book. It made so much sense as the main character in this book has a blog as well. The book had gotten a lot of bad reviews on goodreads and I must admit I didn’t have that high hopes for the book after looking at those review. I still gave it a try and I’m glad I did. Here’s my review.


Girl Online tells the story about Penny and her best friend Elliot. Being a teen is not always easy and when they get a chance to travel to New York with Penny’s parents theygirl online happily agree to go. In New York Penny meets Noah and the holiday really turns out perfect as she falls in love. We also get to know Elliot and his struggles with his father who doesn’t accept the fact taht Elliot is gay. The book tells a story about friendship, family relations, love and social media and teen life.

It was a light-hearted book and an easy read. I really liked it and it was better than I thought it would be. For
me it was just what I wanted to read. A happy,uncomplicated story about teen love and friendship. Some parts were cliché and some was quite naïve and unrealistic, but hey, it’s a work of fiction! I know that the teen me would have loved it. If you had put it in my hands when I was 14 I really would have loved it. I did like it now as well and I read it all in one go!



The design is quite simple with photos hung on strings. The book has a light and airy feel which I feel reflects the book well. It’s not an amazing cover but it’s cute and that’s just what the book is as well. A cute book!

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  1. Hi!

    I have also just read the book and was wondering if it is too weird that I am 10 years older than the character yet I enjoyed the book. It is too naive indeed, but I just assume that’s how 16 year old girls would perceive the world. I’ve just written a heavy review on this book on my blog if you fancy giving it a read. It is rather about feelings the book triggered in me rather than the plot though. Anyway, glad I am not alone reading it!

    Thank you

    Nardy x

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