My book circle gives me variation and laughs

I have a book circle. It’s a small book circle, but a circle non the less. We don’t always talk about the books that much, but it’s a reason for us to get together and to read more books. It’s me and three of my coworkers from my previous workplace. This book circle started as lunch dates when I left our shared office and is now a regular thing for us.

We have had this book circle since the beginning of 2015 and the books we have read so far is:

när döden kom till pemberly    

When death came to Pemberly – P.J James (När döden kom till Pemberly)
Delirium – Lauren Oliver
Ladies Coupé – Anita Nair ( Kvinnor på ett tåg ) ( I did not finish this book)

Stalker – Lars Kepler
Att föda ett barn – Kristina Sandberg
Daughter of smoke and bone – Laini Taylor (Mörk ängel)

Det är något som inte stämmer – Martina Haag
The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty (Öppnas i händelse av min död)
The Midwife of Hope River – Patricia Harman (Next book)  (Barnmorskan i hope river)

It’s a mix of genres and styles in the books, and because of this book circle I’ve read several books I would not have picked up otherwise. We have decided that we each takes turns in choosing a book, and we are now heading into our third turn of choosing. I know I’ve given my friends new books they wouldn’t have thought about reading and vice versa.It’s a great concept because we don’t all have to agree on the books to read and you therefore get new experiences.

When we get together it often includes something good to eat. The last two times we’ve had sweets which only makes it all that much better! I’m always looking forward to our meet ups and the fun time we have together.

bokcirkel  fika1

The next book will be my pick, but I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see what I choose!


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