What will I read in June?

For the month of June I have several books lined up to read. These books will be the first ones I will tackle and then we’ll see if I have time for more. It feels like it’s going to be such a good reading month.

barnbrudenBarnbruden – Anna Laestadius Larsson

This is our next book in our book club. It seems like a fun book, I do love historical books. This one takes place in the 18th century Sweden and deals with the women’s life in the royal court.






The Masked CityThe Masked City – Genevieve Cogman
I just had to buy this after finishing the Invisible Library. This is the second book in the series and I can’t wait to read it. I LOVED the first book. You can read my review of The Invisible Library in my earlier post.






odinsbarnOdinsbarn – Siri Pettersen
I’ve only ever seen positive reviews of this series written by the Norwegian author Siri Pettersen. The plot sounds really cool (fantasy with roots in the nordic mythology) but I do not like the cover. The cover has put me off reading this book for a long time. I saw my library has it as a e-book and that’s good because then I don’t need to see the cover.






Sirens_SneakPeek-204x300Sirens – Anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish.
This anthology seems very interesting and it will be cool to read different stories on the same theme “Sirens”. This is will be the first anthology I read in a while and I look forward to read short stories as a contrast to the lengthy books I seem to be reading recently.  I’m reading it as part of a blog tour for the book. The book will be published 12 of July and I’ll later post my review along with a interview!




  1. haha I love how you’re reading the ebook of Odinsbarn so as to avoid the cover while for me the cover makes me super curious. Let me know how it is! I’m guessing you’re reading it in Swedish?

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