The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman


The masked city is the sequel to the Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. I loved the first book and knew immediately that I had to buy the second one. So I bought the Masked City at the Forbidden planet store in London. I loved that basement full of books! The closest thing we have to a Forbidden Planet store here is Science Fiction bokhandeln (which I do love)the masked city and so it was cool to visit another fantasy book store.

This sequel starts with Kai being abducted. We don’t know why or by whom. Irene, our trustworthy librarian needs to save him of course. This barks on to a new fun adventure filled with fairies, dragons, masks and rides in gondolas.

I really liked this sequel as Genevieve Cogman continues to use her amazing imagination and give us a cool adventure. I loved the dynamic of Kai and Irene in the first book and I wished there would be more of them together in this book as well. But as he gets abducted in the first chapter you know there won’t be that much interaction, and you can’t wait until she somehow rescues him.

I definitely recommend this series for all of you who are looking for a new cool fantasy series. I want to apply the term “teapunk” to these books, just like Gail Carriger´s books.

The DesignThe Masked city2

I love this cover. A great design that looks like an old style eather book. I seriously love the design of these books! The silver inlays in the design didn’t survive my hot hands when I was reading on the balcony, but I think that just gives my copy charm.

the masked city 3

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