The Siri Cardigan

My Siri cardigan is finished. I am so pleased with this cardigan, it turned out just as I wanted it to.

Close up on the back of the cardigan
I am in love with this pattern and I have all ready bought yarn to make a second one.

For this cardigan I used Sandnes yarn “Smart”. It’s a 100% wool yarn that’s superwashed. It was quite nice to knit with and the finished piece is both warm and does not itch.

siri cardigan2

I did two modifications to this cardigan. The first was to make it waist length instead of hip length. This is an easy modification to do as the pattern allows you to try the cardigan on while you are knitting. That way I knew when I reached my waist that I didn’t want it much longer. So I just stopped and did the ribbing right there.

My second modification was the sleeves. According to the pattern the sleeves were to be a length of 36 cm (If I remember correctly), but when I tried the first sleeve on it was too short. It had a middle length and ended somewhere in the middle of my forearm. So I had to lengthen the sleeves with approximately 10 cm.

siri cardigan4

You can find the pattern on ravelry by the designer Clara Linnea. I really recommend it since it was both fun, easy and quite fast to knit.

The photos of me were taken by sweet Cheryl Low.



  1. That’s so pretty, Linn! What kind of needles did you use? I hate circular needles but finding patterns that allow me to knit flat instead of in the round can be problematic. :’-(

    1. I did use circular needles for this one but it’s only because I love using them. The cardigan is not knitted in the round and could very well be knitted on regular needles. :) size 4mm and 3,5mm for the buttonrow and neck lining.

  2. Just bought this pattern and have cast on but I’m confused about the chart (I must be the only one — no one else comments on a problem): on row 1, and all the subsequent rows of Chart A, the darkened area indicates ‘no stitch.’ I’m not sure what to do there. I’ve emailed the designer but haven’t had a response. Any chance you could clear it up for me?
    Your sweater looks terrific — I’m using the same yarn so I’m looking forward to getting it going.

    1. hi!
      I’m so sorry I saw your comment just now. I hope you got response from teh designer by now, but if not here comes my explanation!

      Basically, with the darkened areas you don’t to anything. So it’s like they don’t exist. Just skip them. Don’t count them or anything. Just go from white to the white again, and nevermind how many “dark” is in between. The darks ones are there just as “filling” to the chart.

      I hope that made it clearer. :)


      1. I had the same query . Thanks for the explanation . Your Siri is gorgeous and a stunning color

        1. I’m glad I could help with the explanation. Thank you for your comment and good luck with yours!

  3. Looks great, I’m about to cast on my first siri. How long did it take you to do yours?

    1. Oh, I don’t quite remember gow long it took, maybe a bit over a month or two? It is a lovely pattern and I really enjoyed it. Good luck!

  4. I am just finishing off my Siri however I am worried because it feels quite firm across the yoke
    I am hoping with blocking it will ease slightly
    Did you have the same problem ?

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