Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer


Bite Somebody is such a fun book!


Celia, the main character is a new vampire who has yet to bite somebody. Her hot and delicious smelling neighbour drives her crazy (in a good way) and her new vampire friend Imogene certainly makes her almost ordinary life very exciting.

I loved this book! It was so much fun reading it and I laughed out loud several times. Celia even reads contemporary vampire novels to learn more about her kind and how it all works. These vampires don’t sparkle they burn into dust in sunlight. So there are no daylight scenes, but instead some nude dipping in the ocean during night-time. There’s also drinks, plans for decapitation, a crazy landlady, and her creator Danny turning up again on her doorstep.
Sara Dobie Bauer has such a good way of writing, you get pulled in immediately and just want to keep reading. I highly recommend it!


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