Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen


I will be honest, I borrowed this book from the library only because of the pretty cover. It really looked so cool of the shelf!

I also borrowed a couple of other books with pretty covers. This was not the first book I started to read and so when my month was also up I was horrified to see that I couldn’t prolong my time for this book. Someone else was in queue for this book (only 1 copy in my entire city). So I put other things aside and speed read this one in 3 days.

I enjoyed this book and I really liked the fact that the book was about the adventure. There is a romantic subplot but it’s very small in this first book. I expect it to unfold in the following books but I was happy it didn’t have that much focus in this book. I do love romantic subplots and from what I can tell this will we a well written romantic plot. At least I hope so. The main plot of the book was good as well so I’m in queue for the second book now.

I would definitely recommend this book! 

Just look at the pretty details inside!

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