Nightingale pullover

This beautiful pullover/sweater is designed by Norah Gaughan. It can be found in Pompom Quarterly’s 2018 winter issue.

I decided to knit it in a light green colour, but I’m very tempted to make another one as well in a silver-grey.


The pattern was easy to follow and the cables look a lot more daunting than they are. The chart is large because it isn’t a pattern that repeat itself. But if you just keep track of which row you are on, the pattern isn’t hard to follow.  The pattern is the same on left and right side of the middle. And the back and front are the same as well. I saw a few mistakes in the chart but they’re easy to work around since both sides are the same, except for a lower neckline on the front piece.

Because I knit loosely I did a swatch first to measure my gauge. Sure enough my gauge was off with the recommended needles (4,5 mm) and so I switched to 4 mm needles instead. I knitted a size 2 without any other modifications. It fits me very well and I enjoy it a lot. It’s warm and cosy at the same time as it looks elegant.

The pattern has a recommended cast on method, but I tried and didn’t get it right so I just did my normal cast on method. The podcast Fruity Knitting has made a few short tutorials of techniques in this pattern and I found them very helpful. You can watch them in episode 71 of Fruity Knitting Podcast.


All the pieces are knitted separately and later sewn together. I’m not very good yet with sewing together the pieces but I’m doing my best. This time I was very careful with the puffed sleeves and marked the middle of the shoulder as a reference point. I’m very happy with how they turned out.



I used yarn from Ullcentrum Öland, one of my favourite yarn companies. I used the colour light green on white. This yarn is very nice to knit with and the cable pattern pops out really well. I can really recommend this yarn and it is made from 100% swedish wool. They come in the most amazing colours and I love the ones that are dyed on a grey base (gotland wool). This one is on a white base so it feels slightly more rustic in touch and is made from a variations of sheep wool.



Riddari Cardigan

I decided to follow along and join the Kammebornia and Järbo knit along for the Riddari Sweater. The pattern was offered for free during the knit-along and I used the English version of the pattern. You can buy it on ravelry or from

I knit loose. I always seem to do. So I decided to knit in size XS/S. It is a men’s pattern so I figured a size XS with my loose knitting would end up being a size S when finished. And it did (maybe even  a size M?).

I used four colours.

Red Garnet Heather (1409)

Ash Heather (56)


Black heather ( 5)

I cast on for size S, to make room for my hips. I then increased and created a waist shaping (ever so lightly). I aimed for being at the number of stitches for XS by the time I got to the armpits. Then I knitted the yoke in size XS. I knitted the sleeves in size XS as well.

I love this cardigan and it has really served me well during this cold winter!

So Faded Sweater

My So Faded Sweater has been finished!

I started last summer but put it on a long hiatus during the winter. I am very happy with the result, but there was a reason to why I put it on hiatus. The yarn.

I used Hedgehog Fibres yarn for this sweater. I love the colours of Hedgehog Fibres yarn, but it turns out I’m not fond of knitting with the yarn. I used the yarn base “Sock” which is 90% wool (superwash) and 10% nylon. I found it both stiff and so thin my hands cramped.

I do love how the sweater looks but if I did another So Faded, I would chose a different yarn.

For this one I used the colourways (in this order): Monet, Damp, Crybaby, Monarch.

I loved the pattern though! Easy to read and knit, nothing complicated. I love the shoulder decoration with the purl knits! So Faded Sweater by Andrea Mowry.  I’m even thinking of making one of these in solid colour. Loved it and love how it wears.



Wonder Woman Wrap

This winter/spring I knitted the Woner Woman Wrap. A easy and relaxing knit.

I used the 2-ply yarn from Ullcentrum Öland. My favourite yarn!

I used the colours Lejongul (on white) and Faluröd (on grey).

This is a free pattern on ravelry and I can really recommend it for someone who wants a easy knit.

Vintersol Sweater

This beautiful sweater caught my eyes immediately. Jennifer Steinglass’s designs are beautiful and had intrigued me for quite a while when she released this new pattern called Vintersol.


Vintersol close up

For this sweater I wanted to try the Icelandic yarn Lettlopi. I had heard so much about it that this time I really wanted to try it. has a great selection of colours and a great homepage where you can arrange the colours next to each other to see which ones fits together. It is really a great feature!

For this sweater I ordered:

1418 Straw (main colour)
1703 Mimosa (contrast)
9426 Golden Heather (contrast)
0051 White (yoke background colour)

This yarn is not the recommended, but I found that it worked out really nicely. Be sure to make a swatch too see if you need to adjust your needle size.

The pattern is worked from the middle of the sweater. This was a first for me. After having knitted the sweater I can say it is not my preferred method. I got frustrated when I had to unravel the temporary cast on border (a few rows knitted with a different colour) and then make sure all stitches was lying at the correct direction.

Vintersol body without arms

But I guess this is just a thing that you might like or not. The pattern itself was easy to follow. For the edge at the neck I didn’t quite understand the i-cord instructions, so I made the i-cord bind off the way I have learned from before.

I made some adjustments to the sizing for myself which made me have to unravel parts of the sweater. I’m not sure if it was my changes (did I choose a size too small?) or if it was the pattern itself. I found that the added stitches underneath the armpit were too few and I couldn’t fit my arms into it. I had to add stitches myself and I think I added in total 12 stitches underneath each armpit.

I knit loosely and so I used my measuring tape a lot to make sure the body got the correct length. It is always good to measure the body of the sweater and not just looking blindly at the number of rows you are supposed to knit. I knitted way less rows than recommended, because my stitches are quite “long” and I reached the desired length quite fast. I barely had time to make a waist shaping before I had to increase again for my hips.


Finished piece

I am in love with this finished sweater. I love how the colour combination turned out and the soft feel of the yarn.

I soaked the sweater in water and laid it out flat to dry. This really helped with all the unevenness I had in the yoke after knitting. Knitting with three colours was a hassle, but it turns out so nice!

Fyra bästa plaggen 2017

2017 så stickade jag flera plagg och på bilden ser ni de fyra bästa.
Koftan Penelope, min Afmaeli-tröja, en Beatnik tröja och koftan Henriette.

Mindre bra blev min Acorn tröja som var en onesize. Den blev väldigt stor tröja som är svår att använda.
Kvar på stickorna har jag en So faded tröja. Det är ett tunt garn och små stickor. Andra roligare projekt har fått komma emellan helt enkelt.

Jag har även stickat en del accessoarer som jag inte lagt upp här än. De inläggen kommer!

Nu planerar jag för stickningen denna vår och det finna så mycket fint att välja mellan!

Garn till Afmaeli-tröjan

Till mig Afmaeli-tröja har jag använt mig av två olika typer av garner.

  • Ullgarn från Kampes spinneri
  • Handspunna garner

Garn från Kampes

Jag har stickat i ullgarn från Kampes tidigare och har gillat både kvalitén och färgerna de har. Därför ville jag använda det till denna tröja istället för det isländska garnet som rekommenderas för att vara säker på att min känsliga hud inte börjar klia. Jag köpte garnet på vår lokala hemslöjdsbutik och jag valde det 2-trådiga garnet för att få den tjocklek som behövdes.

Färgerna jag köpte var en naturvit, ljusgrön, mörkgrön, ljusblå och antracit. Kampes garn säljs i 100 grams nystan, vilket gjorde att jag fick väldigt mycket över av de flesta färgerna. Det har räckt till tre mössor än så länge och jag har fortfarande mycket kvar. Men detta är ett väldigt praktiskt och bra garn så jag klagar inte.

Handspunna garner

Jag fick en spinnrock i födelsedagspresent 2015 och jag har sedan dess hunnit spinna många meter. Till denna tröja ville jag använda mig av dessa hemspunna garner. De ligger annars kvar i byrålådan och väntar på det rätta projektet. Och byrån början bli ganska full vid det här laget.

Den gula ullen är spunnen från kardad ull från Ullcentrum.

Den ljusrosa ullen fick jag i ett paket från Loana som äger Moekes yarn när vi deltog i Fibreshare. Ullen är växtfärgad med Krapp och har en fin ljusrosa ton.

Det lila och cerisa garnet har jag spunnit från vit kardad ull från Kampes spinneri och sedan själv färgat med min mammas färger.