Wool to spin


For Christmas my mother bought me these wonderful braids of wool. When you unravel the braid you use the wool for spinning you own yarn. These three lovely braids is bought from Forsbacka ull. My first drop spindle and the first wool braid I ever bought was from Forsbacka ull, and I’m so glad for this gift. I can’t wait to start spinning these lovely braids into soft and colourful yarn.



I really like this blue, orange mix is lovely and it even has some brown/purple spots as well where the orange and blue comes together. It’s Corridale wool and I’m very excited to try this one since I haven’t tried Corridale before.



This braid has a amazing colour! The colours are really as vibrant in reality as they are in the photo. This will be a great firey yarn when spun. It’s a superwash merio wool which I know gives a nice and soft yarn.



And lastly we have this soft and silky Wensleydale wool. The green and turquoise is lovely and really makes the wool shine. I’ve never spun Wensleydale wool before and I’m really looking forward to it. The wool is so shiny and I’m wondering how lovely the finished yarn will be.

I’ll post an update when I’ve spun these yarns!

Orange blanket with giant needles


For Christmas  I received the yarn and needles shown in the image above from my dear Cheryl. These aren’t any regular needles and yarn, these are giant size. The yarn came in two large balls. One ball is about the size of my head! The needles are giant as well, 130 mm in circumference with a soft plastic tube making it into circular needles. 130mm!



So, of course I had to cast on and make myself a cozy blanket. I cast on 24 stitches and I made a ribbed pattern by making 2 knit, 2 purl.

I must say it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve knitted. It might look easy but holding those needles and actually doing the knitting wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It was heavy towards the end but the needles were also a bit hard to grip due to their size. It was very fun though, making something this big. I would like to try the needles again maybe with an airy, soft yarn and make a big lovely scarf.orange3


Here is the final result. A soft and nice blanket for the sofa. It’s already in use and I really like it. The blanket is very stretchy so it’s hard to tell the finished size. But it’s about 150 cm long and 100 cm wide.




Thank you Cheryl for the Christmas gift.

Wooly gifts


It seems my family knows what I like. For Christmas I received these lovely wooly gifts that ensures a crafty 2016. Thank you so much!

sticka sjalar

Sticka sjalar, halsdukar och lite till by Erika Åberg is a lovely book with patterns that I know I will definitly try this year. Lovely scarf variations and patterns  I haven’t tried before. I’m gonna start right away with “kontstickning” which I’ve never tried before but that gives a lovely texture.

sagornas stickbok

Sagornas stickbok by Celia B Dackenberg is such a sweet and well thought through book with patterns from our famous and well known children’s books. Most patterns are in childern’s sizes so I might not make any in the near future, but it’s nice to own this lovely book. Dackenberg was once my mother’s teacher and for that reason it’s also fun to own a copy of the book.

I will make separate posts about the yarn and wool I received in a few days.

Finished project: knit-a-long hoodie

Finished sweater from the front

The knitting project I did together with my friends is now finished and it was so much fun. It was a lot faster than any of us thought it would be. We all finished the project within two weeks. I did not knit every day but when I did I had sittings that were around 2 hours long (or more during weekends).

I decided to not do the hoodie on the sweater mainly because I tend not to wear hoodies that often and I wanted to make sure I’d use this sweater a lot. Instead I just did a little collar that curls on itself. I’m very happy with the look of it and I’m sure I’ll use it often.


Close up on the collar

The yarn, Eskimo from Drops, was really soft to work with and I’m in love with the colour. It’s a mix colour that has a bit of white in it and I really like that. I would definitely use this yarn for future projects. It comes in so many colours and variations that it’s easy to find several favourites.

The pattern from Sandnes was a bit tricky, not in the “difficult” way but in the language way.  I haven’t knitted anything using a norwegian pattern before and so there was some new vocabulary to learn. Many things I could guess but it’s good that they provide a vocabulary sheet in the front of the “book”.
I knitted size M and I used 10 of the 12 skeins I bought for this sweater. I’m not sure if the hoodie would need two skeins but I guess it’s better to be safe. I’m a very loose knitter and I used 8mm needles instead of the recommended 9mm.

Sweater from the back

The new thing for me with this sweater was how it was knitted all in one piece. From one sleeve, the body and to the second sleeve. I then only needed to sew together the sides of the sweater. Genius!

I think the small details on this sweater are adorable. The little ridge along the sleeves and the nice hem were very easy to make but added such a nice effect. I would easily knit another one of these sweaters immediately if I didn’t have other projects going on. I might do another one later on though!


Close up on the detail along the sleeve


Thank you Cheryl for taking these photos.

Knit-a-long Hoodie Project

My two friends decided to have a knit-a-long/competition where they both would knit the same hoodie. When they showed me the hoodie they were planing on making I couldn’t resist joining them in their knit-a-long. These are the images that got me interested in the project. Doesn’t it look cosy and cool at the same time?

Image of a hoodie
Images from Sandnes garn
Image of a hoodie

The pattern comes from Sandnes garn in the book 1513 DIY and it’s a pretty easy pattern with a regular stockinette stitch, but you’ll have the wrong side out in the end.They recommend using Sandnes yarn “Easy” but I decided to go for DROPS garnstudio’s Eskimo yarn instead since they offer a wider range of colours. I chose the colour “Saphire” which is pictured below. I got both the yarn and a Knit Pro set as a Christmas gift (that I opened early in order to finish this shirt by Christmas) from my beloved P. I’m gonna do a review on those when I have been using more of the sizes.


Knitting is in progress now and I’ll do a post with the finished shirt. I guess it’ll be a review of both the pattern (which is in norwegian) and the yarn (which is so soft and wonderful!). My goal is to finish before Christmas so I can wear it on my vacation (it will be the only warm shirt I’ll bring).