Anna och den franska kyssen av Stephanie Perkins

Jag hade hört mycket gott om denna bok innan jag läste den, men det tog ett tag innan jag lånade den på biblioteket och faktiskt läste den. Varför? Jo, på grund av omslaget.


Jag ogillar detta omslag! Jag förstår inte varför den svenska versionen av boken var tvungen att ha detta omslag. Kunde de inte gjort en variant på det amerikanska omslaget som är så mycket snyggare. Jag vet att även den svenska versionen har använts i många andra länder… men det är inte ett snyggt omslag.


Boken då?
Boken var precis så bra som jag trodde den skulle vara. Rolig, underhållande och romantisk. Jag gillade Stephanie Perkins skrivsätt, men det fanns några saker i översättningen som störde mig. Överlag så tyckte jag mycket om boken och jag läste ut den rätt så fort. Rekommenderas till den som vill läsa en lätt och romantisk bok.

Jag rekommenderar dock inte bok två, “Lola och pojken i huset bredvid”. Dels gillade jag inte huvudpersonen (vilket gör ganska mycket för en bok) och sedan så tyckte jag själva historien föll platt. Så min rekommendation är att läsa den första boken. Det finns även en tredje bok som jag inte provat än och nog inte kommer att prova då det finns så mycket annat roligt att läsa.

A court of… by Sarah J. Maas


From the author Sarah J. Maas who wrote the Throne of Glass series I love, a new series was recommended to me by my coworker. A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the sequel A Court of Mist and Fury. Since I loved the Throne of Glass series I was really excited for this one.


The first book I knew before I started was written as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but it was all going to be set in a world with fairies.

Unfortunately these books didn’t live up to the expectations I had. They were captivating whilst I read, but towards the end of book two I was mostly frustrated. They are written from a first person perspective and for me it doesn’t work in the long run. The books were totally OK, but not as great as I thought they would. Still enjoyable and I finished them both quite fast.

The world building is great as usual, Sarah J. Maas is great at creating good fantasy worlds. I like the over all plot in the books with the different kingdoms, the evil force from Hybern, the men vs. fairies, and all the politics. I do love books with romance in them, but for some reason it just didn’t work all the way in these books. I could never get the hang of it, is it a fantasy book with romance in it, or is it a romance placed in a fantasy world?

I have hopes of the third book being better, since there just can’t be a new romance plot (I hope) so there has to be the actual world-plot in focus in the next one. So I want to read it when it comes out, even though I have things to complain about for these two books. But the end of book two was so good and really leaves me with hopes of a great third book.



Knitting in the City by Penny Reid

Knitting in the City is not the name of a book, but the name of a series. I’ve read the two first books “Neanderthal seeks human” and “friends without benefits” and I thought I would do a review of these two.


These are romantic and funny books with a knitting group as the component that brings this series together. In the first book “Neanderthal seeks Human”  Janie is the main character and she falls in love with a security guard. The second book “Friends without benefits” follows her friend Elizabeth who meets her old friend Nico again.

17673307    18001399

These two books are easy to read and pretty predictable. I liked the first book the most because it had more twists in it. Book two was slow and a lot more could have happened in the story. The series has five books I think, but for me it’s enough to just read these two. I had higher hopes for the series after book one, but book two really didn’t do it for me. They were easy to read and entertaining enough. So if you want an easy romantic series to read this could be it. I could recommend book one but not book two (it was too slow for me).

The Design

The design of these books has nothing that says they are part of a series. I guess since each book is kind of a stand alone, that it is okay, but I like it when I can see that books belong to each other. I would have wished for something to connect the books together visually. The first cover I like the most. It’s cute. The second one feels like a standard romantic novel cover.

Romantic fantasy at its best – Air Awakens series


BooksAir Awakens
Air Awakens and Fire Falling by Elise Kova

I have to start by saying that these are the best books I have read this year! Really. Not only did they tick every box of what I wanted to read, but the books are well written, the plot is good, great character building and the world the story takes place in feels well developed. It even has a map (Fire Falling)! Awesome books! I started reading this series because the cover  was so pretty! Along with a enticing synopsis, of course. But really the great cover really matches the greatness of the book.

We get to follow Vhalla as she “awakens” and she needs to decide to either become a sorcerer or cut herself off from it. Her choice would have been easy had she not gotten entwined with Prince Aldrik and Prince Baladir. A good romantic story is something I like and this book had me hooked from the start. I really could not stop reading it! Kova has a great way of building up feelings and the romantic tension between Vhalla and Aldrik. It’s a great romance that gives you butterflies in your stomach, but that also makes you frustrated because you can’t control the events.

I would easily say that these are the best books I’ve read this year! If you like fantasy, great characters and a bit of romance you’ll like these books.

The third book in the installment is called Earth’s End and it is on the way (will be released in febuary). For more upcoming information you can Visit Elise Kova’s homepage.
Fire Falling

If it’s something I love it’s great graphic arts. And I’m a sucker for these kinds of covers. The airiness and the roses makes the cover very pretty. It’s very clear that the graphic designer has skills and paid interest to details in these images. For the cover of Fire Falling I like that Aldrik is featured in the cover together with Vhalla. Again, look at the details in the cover, it’s so well done.

The cover for the third book in this series is out and it too looks really good too. I can’t wait to read it!earths end

In January I’ll share my interview with the designer of these great covers but in the meantime you can visit her home page.