Earth’s End by Elise Kova – A review

Earth’s End by Elise Kova is the third book in the Air Awakens series.This post contains spoilers so don’t read it unless you’ve read the first two books (and the third book as well). It’s a great series that I highly recommend!


First off I have to say I really like this series. This was the first book I have pre-ordered and I’m really glad I did. I just had to know how things would play out!

I really like the start of this book where it kicks off after the fall and when we are introduced to new characters like Jax and Erion. This book has all the intrigues and roller coaster of emotions as the previous books, I love it!earths end

This book is not slow, but it hasn’t got the same pace and flow as the previous two books. This book mainly takes place in their camp and around the strategy table. There is a lot of diplomatic talk and things that need to be settled before the story moves on. compared to the previous books it was a bit slow and not as fantastic, but still very entertaining. I would have loved to get to know more about things going on around them and not only what happened in the camp palace. It is in situations like these where I like books from different points of views.  That said, I really enjoyed this book.

There’s a lot of focus on Vhalla and Aldriks relationship in this book. The love story has been prominent in the previous two books as well so I’m not surprised.  I love how we really get to know them and how we get to be part of the times when their relationship gets deep. I also love how Aldrik defies his father, the emperor and makes the majors accept Vhalla as a Lady.

I wish we could have seen more of the other characters we’ve gotten to know  like Fritz, Eleica and Baladir. They’re there, but I really like them and I want more!

So, this was a really good book and yet again I can’t wait to read the next one. Kova has a great writing style and has created a very interesting world in which this story takes place.

design-2The cover for Earth’s End is as fabulous as the previous covers. Merilliza Chan has done a great job with her illustration for this book. Now that I’ve read the book I also noticed some details in the cover that I didn’t see before. Like the necklace she’s holding in her hand! Merilliza is a great illustrator and if you have missed the interview I posted with her you can read it here.

I’m now looking forward to the next book, Water’s Wrath  which will be released April 26 and the cover that is revealed on February 26.


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