My second Siri cardigan

I knitted a second Siri Cardigan!

I loved the first one I knitted so I immediately stared a second one last year. You could easily say this post is overdue, I finished the cardigan autumn 2016. But better later than never.

This one is knitted with the yarn “Alpakka” from Sandnes Garn. It’s such a lovely yarn to work with. The cardigan is so soft and nice. I am sensitive to yarn that might itch and I was so pleased to know that this one does not itch. It’s been my favourite cardigan this winter. I would definitely recommend this yarn!

The pattern is still as awesome as the last time. This time I did a full length cardigan like the pattern suggests. It’s a good pattern that allows you to decide the length by yourself. It’s work from top down.

Since this yarn is softer the pattern “popped” more on the first cardigan. But it’s still visible on this one. I love the pattern and I’m even considering making a third too!



  1. Dear Linn,

    Both of your Siris are just gorgeous!
    I am wondering if I could approach you for some advice – which increase method did you use when the pattern says [symbol circle with two small bars to left&right] “increase one stitch”?
    Thank you so much in advance!


    1. Thank you for your comment!

      As for your question, I used either the increase one left or increase one right when that symbol showed. In the swedish pattern it says “increase one stitch (as described above).” So I think, if I remember correctly, that I used the one of those I found was easiest to do. I am sure I didn’t use any other method of increasing. So which one you use you should be fine :).

      Good luck!

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