So Faded Sweater

My So Faded Sweater has been finished!

I started last summer but put it on a long hiatus during the winter. I am very happy with the result, but there was a reason to why I put it on hiatus. The yarn.

I used Hedgehog Fibres yarn for this sweater. I love the colours of Hedgehog Fibres yarn, but it turns out I’m not fond of knitting with the yarn. I used the yarn base “Sock” which is 90% wool (superwash) and 10% nylon. I found it both stiff and so thin my hands cramped.

I do love how the sweater looks but if I did another So Faded, I would chose a different yarn.

For this one I used the colourways (in this order): Monet, Damp, Crybaby, Monarch.

I loved the pattern though! Easy to read and knit, nothing complicated. I love the shoulder decoration with the purl knits! So Faded Sweater by Andrea Mowry.  I’m even thinking of making one of these in solid colour. Loved it and love how it wears.



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