Fern and Feather

Since the very first time I saw the “Fern and Feather” I knew I wanted to make one. The pattern is lovely and delicate, but also a bit strong in the visual effect.

The pattern is designed by Jennifer Steingass who has so many lovely designs. I knitted the sweater “Vintersol” 2018 which has become one of my favourite sweaters. This new one is a big rival in the “favourite” category. Admittedly, that category has a lot of sweaters in it.

The pattern itself is written in easy to follow instructions and the charts are easy to follow too. I found this one easier to knit than the “Vintersol” sweater. “Fern and feather” is knitted top down and the neckline if left “raw”. I tried to add a icord edge at the neckline, but it became way too tight and I did like the look of the raw neckline better.

I used Plötulopi yarn for this one in order to get a light and soft sweater. I used 200g of the main colour and just a little (25 g perhaps) of the contrast colour. So it is indeed a very light sweater. I knitted it with one strand of the yarn. A perk with using this yarn is that it’s easy to join together no that there is almost no ends to weave in at the end. A downside, a year later my elbow has worn a hole in it where the yarn were particularily thin. So it does need a bit of repair now. So be careful if the yarn seems particularily thin in some places.

NEEDLES: I used the recommended needle size of 4mm for the body and 3,5 mm for the cuffs.

YARN: Plötulopi

I can highly recommend this pattern!

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