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This is a blog about books and knitting, as simple as that.



I read mostly in English these days but now and then a Swedish book finds its way to the top of my to-be-read list. I tend to read books in the genres fantasy/steampunk/dystopian/historical/anything different from normal life. Though sometimes a real life drama can be really good as well. I like a good romance and exciting stories with good plots and twists.

I am a sucker for good covers and typography and I can easily be tempted to read books just because of their cover.




I also spend a lot of time knitting things.

In this blog I’ll share with you my knitting journey and give you reviews on both yarns and patterns that I use. I plan on sharing the patterns I’ve made myself as well. Sharing is loving.


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  1. Hey!!
    My friend Nilla who lives in in Gotland sent me an email about going to listen to the author of …. cannot remember ?? ….., whom you mention in this post!!
    I was looking around to see if there were any sorts of translations in pamphlet form available with the purchase of the book!

    Finally I came to your blog (the first one with some English in the description regarding the book!

    Yay!!!! I sent it off to Nilla…. griping about being frustrated in this day and age that it should just take a push of a button and the eagle eye of an editor to get my hands on everything I want to learn and know … (which is everything but how to eat a worm to save someone’s life…??????)

    Then I looked at your introduction and realized that YOU ARE IN SWEDEN! I was sure you lived in Massachusetts, USA , probably near Boston! Your command of American English is astounding!
    I’m so disappointed you don’t live here in the New England/Northeast of the states!

    I’m definitely going to be checking your blog out daily or so! I’ve just enjoyed it so much… so please don’t just disappear!

    Another good blog on the ex-pat life of a good friend of mine is “Camp Lisa (Liza?)” I’ve always called her Liza!

    Blessings to you, I need to get my knitting back out now!

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