Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons

Blood Chimera is a refreshing new take on the paranormal world. The main character Jackson Pastor has newly turned vampire but continues living his life as normal, working with kidnap and ransom negotiations. Since Jackson is new to all paranormal things we get to uncover the world together with him. It starts off with what should… Continue reading Blood Chimera by Jenn Lyons


Jag har bestämt mig för att ta del av Kaosutmaningen 2016. Utmaningen går ut på att pricka av minst 20 av de 35 punkterna i listan nedan under året. Varje bok får bara förekomma en gång på listan. Här finns alla deltagare i Kaosutmaningen 2016. Listan uppdaterad: 2016-08-22 21/20 1. Läs en bok som publicerats 2016.… Continue reading Kaosutmaning

Det är något som inte stämmer by Martina Haag

In my book circle we take turns in choosing books to read. This book I would probably never had read if it wasn’t for this book circle. It’s a contemporary novel about a woman who deals with the aftermath of her divorce. That premise is not something I’d chose to read on my own and that’s… Continue reading Det är något som inte stämmer by Martina Haag