Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard



Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the second book in the Red Queen series. I read Red Queen earlier this year, you can read my review here, and now I picked up Glass Sword to see how the story continued.

I wanted to like this book but it never caught my interest. I never felt connected to the characters, especially not to the main character, which affects my reading experience a lot.

This book has a cool story and there’s a lot of action going on  there’s nothing wrong on that end. Aveyard has created an intricate world that continues to be revealed to us readers throughout the books and continues to expand the story. The plot and story were not what I had problems with when reading this book.

I would have liked more interactions between the main characters to build the story. A lot of it is through her own assumptions and when we do get hinted at close relations it’s explained in a couple of sentences. I know, maybe it’s not supposed to be a book about love, but please let Mare feel more and let us take part of the sides of her that makes her more “human”. I all ready from the start got a bad impression thinking “Was she this overconfident and full of herself in the first book?”. This feeling unfortunately stayed with me throughout the book.

All in all it is a good book filled with action and thrilling adventures, the plot is creative and I really liked it. It was just the writing style that didn’t click with me. I probably won’t be reading the next book in this series.



The design is just as awesome as the first book. The physical book has a sheen to it that makes it look icy. It’s very well done!


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Red Queen is a fantasy/dystopian book written by Victoria Aveyard. I’ve wanted to read this book since I first heard about it in 2014 and this autumn I found it in our local book store in paperback. During 2015 it has gotten a lot of praise and Victoria Aveyard was voted Best Debut Author 2015 on goodreads.

In Red Queen the society is divided into classes depending on which kind of blood you’ve got, red or silver. The silvers have magical abilities or powers and they are the upper class that rule the country. Reds are commoners and either work or fight in the army. They really don’t have a lot to say and can just hope that they get to keep their jobs.

We get to follow Mare, a red girl, as she by mistake (or luck?) displays these magical powers she shouldn’t have, and didn’t know she had. This gets her entangled in the very highest of classes, the royals. She poses as a silver, but red at heart she joins the rebellion as well. And of course there’s romance in this story as well and the plot line really takes a spin at the end!


This book was a easy and fun read. It was filled with action, fighting, plots and politics, romance, and magical elements. It has a good mix of all the things a fantasy/dystopian young adult novel usually contains. It was entertaining and I’ll probably read the second book as well, called “Glass Sword”. It’s written from a first person perspective which makes it very easy to read. On the back it was described by another reviewer as a mix of the Hunger Games, the Selection, Graceling and Divergent, and I have to agree with the quote. I haven’t read Graceling, but it really was like a mix of those three books that I have read. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I finished it in a day or two.



Oh my! The cover design!
Great concept, excellent execution, love the blood which is embossed on the paperback. The upside down crown with the red blood is really cool! I really can’t say any more. It just looks great!

I also want to comment on the map inside the book. I love books with maps but this map is not a good one. Sure it does it’s job, but it has too little contrast and it’s hard to take a quick glance at it. You really need to pause and look in order for the different countries not to melt together and for the tiny text to be readable.